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Qualifying Criteria

Hammond Station Apartments
Resident Qualifying Criteria
Effective 1/11/2023

In order to assist you with your decision on your new home, we are providing this list of requirements we use to qualify applicants for residency in this community. Revisions to the Resident Qualifying Criteria may be implemented from time to time. Nothing contained in these requirements shall constitute a representation that all residents and occupants currently residing in our community have met or currently meet these guidelines.

Fair Housing Statement
We are committed to compliance with all federal, state, and local fair housing laws. We do not discriminate against applicants based on race, color, age, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, source of income or any other legally protected classification or status. We will consider requests for reasonable accommodations based upon a disability. We will consider reasonable modification of existing premises, which may be at the expense of the person requesting the modification.

Application Fees
Each applicant is required to pay a non-refundable application fee (check or money order, no cash) for third-party background and credit screening reports that will be performed by SafeRent. The cost of the application fee is $25 per applicant.

Each applicant must be at least 18 years of age and must complete an application. Once the application(s) are complete, there are three steps required to confirm your eligibility.
1. Background and credit screening approval
2. Minimum and Maximum Income Verification including current and past employment if applicable.
3. Prior Landlord reference if applicable.

Background and Credit Screening
Your credit screening and background check will be completed by SafeRent. Inc, applying credit and background screening requirements in place for the property. In the event of a denial of tenancy or other adverse action resulting from the credit screening and/or background check, you have the right to dispute the accuracy of the information included in the report. You may request a copy of the credit and background screening report from SafeRent at Safe Rent Solutions, LLC, Consumer Relations P.O. Box 3890 Coppell, TX 75019. By phone: +1 (888) 333-2413. If there are inaccuracies in the background report or mitigating circumstances that you wish to be considered, you may present the information to the property manager for further review and request an appeal within 14 days of the determination.

SafeRent provides consistent review of relevant applicant information. SafeRent will consider the following factors in your rental scoring: Credit history and ability to pay, debt load, payment behavior, collection accounts, bankruptcies, Landlord/Tenant filings, and consumer subprime credit.
In addition to the SafeRent score, if an applicant has been evicted in the past 48 months, the application will not be approved; if an applicant has discharged bankruptcy judgements or foreclosures within the prior 24 months, the application will be scored as conditional, if the SafeRent score has not disqualified the applicant. Previous landlord debt or unpaid utility account debt must be paid in full in order to be considered for conditional approval. Conditional approval may require an additional security deposit.
Covid-19 and Disaster impact consideration. Any applicant may share, in good faith, a written statement of two hundred words or less explaining that the applicant has experienced financial hardship resulting from a state or federally declared disaster or emergency and how that hardship impacted the applicant's credit, employment, or rental history.

Criminal Background Check
All applicants will be screened through the third-party screening agency SafeRent.
1. The property will deny admission to applicants with household members who have any of the following criminal convictions or status:
• Sex offenses subject to lifetime registration requirement; or
• Manufacture or production of methamphetamine on the premises of federally assisted housing; or
• Applicants on the list of known terrorists and wanted fugitives as provided by the Office of Foreign asset Control (OFAC), federal agencies to include the FBI or other state and local law enforcement agencies.
2. Applicants will be screened for felonies with a 7 year look back period and misdemeanors with a 3 year look back period. Records flagged by SafeRent will be subject to further review.
Individuals who have records flagged will be subject to further review and the applicant may provide additional information and details about mitigating circumstances. Mitigating circumstances will include:
• The seriousness of the crime committed.
• The nature of the crime and its potential impact on the community.
• The number of crimes committed and when they happened.
• The age of the individual at the time of crime.
• The “occurrences in the life of the individual” since the crimes happened.
Information provided by the applicant will be further reviewed and final determination will be made about the applicant’s approval or denial. The further review questionnaire for the applicant is attached and made a part of this qualifying criteria.

Rental Rates and Minimum & Maximum Income Limits:
In addition to all credit and background screening requirements, all applicants must meet income and program requirements. The property has units that are set aside for residents whose projected Annual Income for the next twelve months is equal to or less than the designated Area Median Income (AMI) limit assigned to the units as noted below. The projected household income must include the income of all occupants (18 years or older) that will reside in the apartment. The property is required to verify the projected income and assets of all applicants and occupants (18 years or older) via third party verification.

Annual Income is the amount of verifiable gross income anticipated by all members of the household (except dependent minors) during the 12-month period following certification of eligibility or re-examination of eligibility. Members of the household (except dependent minors) must have a combined verifiable gross income in an amount not less than 2.5 times the rental rate and no more than AMI limitations for the respective unit. Failure to meet the minimum or maximum income guidelines for any of the unit types may result in a denial of your application.

Current employment will be verified. Other sources of income such as alimony, child support, retirement income, commissions or tips will require written verification. In the event the applicant is self-employed or a member of the household, written verification of prior income (such as tax returns) must be provided. If applicant or a member of the household is starting a new job, the future position and salary must be verified in writing by the employer.

For applicants that utilize voucher assistance, the minimum annual income requirement will not apply.
Members of the household (except dependent minors) whose combined verifiable income is between 2.00 and 2.49 times the rental rate may be able to qualify with an increased deposit. The rental rates and Minimum and Maximum Income Limits for this property are attached and made a part of this qualifying criteria.

This property has specific rules and regulations regarding students! A unit cannot be occupied entirely by fulltime students (defined as individuals enrolled fulltime at an educational organization for at least five calendar months during the year), unless one of the following exceptions applies:
• All members of the household are full-time students, and are married and file a joint tax return.
• The household consists of single parent(s) and their child or children, and no one in the household is a dependent of a third party.
• At least one member of the household receives assistance under Title IV of the Social Security Act (i.e., Aid to Families with Dependent Children/Temporary Assistance for Needy Families).
• At least one member of the household is enrolled in a job training program receiving assistance under the Job Training Partnership Act, or similar federal, state, or local laws.
• At least one member of the household was formerly in foster care. In order for a unit to qualify under this exception, third party documentation must be obtained from the Foster Care Agency.

After your background and credit screening have been approved and your minimum and maximum income has been verified, you will be contacted by the property and will have 72 hours to pay the required security deposit amount. If you do not pay the deposit within 72 hours, the unit reserved may be leased to others. After the security deposit is paid and applied, any cancelation by the applicant before move in will result in forfeiture of full deposit.

Prior to viewing an apartment home, you must have a valid form of government issued photo identification. A valid form of identification shall include one of the following: Driver’s License, Military Identification, a Passport, or government issued photo identification.

We allow a maximum of 2 animals per apartment; acceptable animals include domestic cats, birds and dogs, each with a nonrefundable pet fee per animal. Animal(s) full grown must weigh no more than 75 lbs. each. The following breeds, irrespective of size and weight, are not permitted in this community: Chow-Chow, Doberman, Pit Bull (also known as: American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier), Rottweiler, and wolf-hybrids. All other animals are prohibited, including, but not limited to, snakes, ferrets, iguanas, potbelly pigs, rabbits, and insects. These restrictions and deposit requirements do not apply to qualified service or assistance animals.

No Smoking
The property has adopted a no smoking policy. Smoking is not permitted in the units or in the common areas of the community.

Occupancy Guidelines
The maximum occupancy guidelines are two persons per bedroom. If federal, state or local laws, ordinances, guidelines or requirements conflict with our guidelines, federal, state or local laws, ordinances guidelines shall apply.

VAWA Guidelines
To coincide with our Emergency Transfer Policy for victims of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, or Stalking, we give a preference to any current resident who has completed and approved Emergency Transfer Request and/or Emergency Transfer Certification of Domestic Violence. This policy is directly adapted from the Violence Against Women Act of 1994 (VAWA) which is a federal law (Title IV, sec. 40001-40703 of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, H.R. 3355) and HUD Final Rule [Docket No. FR-5720-F-03] RIN 2501-AD71.